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The prestigious EEEfCOM Innovation Award (Electrical and Electronic Engineering for Communication) founded by GEROTRON COMMUNICATION in cooperation with Rohde&Schwarz and Agilent Technologies in 2001 is awarded Europe-wide to scientists and engineers.

It is used to promote innovative, practical R&D, recognition and motivation of engineers and scientists in the field of information transmission technology and electronics. The award is aimed at both individuals and teams from universities and research institutions and industry. Also research projects which are still elementary/planning phase can be promoted.

The submitted work should be an important contribution to the development of information technology. Applied contributions covering all subject areas are given special consideration. In addition to criteria such as improvement of current techniques and novelty value, the jury pays high attention to the practical relevance of the contribution.

The sponsors include Agilent, Ansoft, GEROTRON, Globes, Industrial Electronics, mician, National Instruments, Rohde & Schwarz, Roland Häfele Leiterplattentechnik, TACTRON Elektronik, and RUPPtronik.

The call for proposal for the EEEfCOM InnovationAward 2013 already started, we are looking forward to your contribution.
Interested participants can turn in their contribution at the submission party in June 2013 at the EEEfCOM in Ulm. Here it is sufficient to submit referee name, topic and abstract.

Submission deadline: August, 31, 2013

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Eligibility requirements
The call for proposals is directed to individuals and teams from academics, research institutes, and industry. The submission must be an important contribution to further developments int the information technology. Applied contributions from all key areas are especially considered.
Submissions have to be describeed in detail and must contain documentation like publications and patents.

Please provide:
  • Topic
  • List of authors including CVs
  • Description of the project, around 10 pages
  • Originality
  • Improvement with respect to curent state of the art
  • Practicability
  • Scientific relevance

The award committee awards the price on the basis of the given eligibility requirements.
GEROTRON COMMUNICATION GmbH only acts as a mediator for the award sponsored by other companies and is not assumed liability.

The award committee reserves the right to split the award between several contribution or to retain the award.

There is no right of appeal.