Kurs FW16
DSP (Digital Signal Processing) for Engineers

Speaker: Dr. Amir Kapetanovic

This seminar is currently offered as an in-house course only,
bookable from an attendance of 6 participants.

The Goal
This seminar discusses DSP (Digital Signal Processing) is the buzzword for modern and future industrial development. DSP now affects any major requirements at any industrial activity. There are many requirements that many experts from many different engineering fields have to co work together under the hub of the single project. The major role is then obvious to complement each other’s fields of the activity in a way which would establish the gateways of understanding . What type of the minimum but effective ways are on the disposal to bridge the gaps? In the seminar, comprehensive answers to this question are given. The seminar is constructed the way it will provide basics of know how of DSP to anyone and each industry and professional activity. Finally, more tips and tricks around DSP and Matlab will be given.

Contents of the seminar:
Introduction to DSP and applications (what it is, the concepts, the mathematical background)
Filters (implementation of digital filters, FIR and IIR filters)
Implementation of digital filters (FIR and IIR filters, how to define, design and use filters)
The discrete Fourier Transform and its usage
Tips, Tricks and Examples (backup of projects, practical tips etc.)
Application examples in many different industries (electronics, chemistry, medical, industry)
How to select the right DSP team and expertise for your projects
How to organize and master your project challenges and R&D activities
Summary and outlook

Basic knowledge of electronics and mathematics would be helpful, but are not mandatory.
The seminar will be held in English.

Event details:
This seminar is currently offered as an in-house course (Company-specific) only and will take place only from an attendance of 6 participants. Please contact us for an offer on request.

Please bring your own laptop to the training!

The Matlab Home or Matlab Trial version (recommended) is to be used to deepen the substance of us and can be installed on your laptop, or bring your own version of with.
To install Matlab software you need administrator rights on your computer. Install your Matlab version on your own before coming to the training.
Matlab Trial version or Matlab Home version can be downloaded from Matlab.
Furthermore, we recommend a computer mouse to bring

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The speaker:

Amir Kapetanovic, PhD, graduated in electrical engineering at the University of Zagreb Croatia. He then moved to Switzerland and started as the teaching assistant of the professor at the University of Neuchatel. Later on, he joined prestige R&D Swiss companies as Ascom and Motorola Geneva. He then moved to Silicon Valley co working with all major blue chips semiconductor and DSP companies. He provided number of invited speeches, lectures and workshops to embedded conferences and universities in USA and Europe. He now serves number of companies as from the level of the advisory board to major consultant provider where his more than 30 years of experience meets the need of the highest competences.

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