Kurs FW03

Microwave Measurements Workshop
Referent: Dr. Lourandakis

4-Tages-Seminar, individuell anpassbar

Physical characterization of prototype devices and circuits is a fundamental task for R&D departments in both academia and industry. RF & microwave systems have significant contribution to the evolution of global communication and consumer electronics markets and therefore attract a lot of attention from scientists and engineers all over the world. Any device or circuit is undergoing extensive measurement cycles before introduction to such mass volume markets. Design for proper characterization and the measurements itself require expert knowledge in order to be accurate and efficient. The scope of this 4-days workshop on RF & Microwave Measurements is to provide a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of physical characterization and testing for microwave devices and circuits. In this context, microwave measurement techniques and equipment will be introduced and fundamentals of network-, spectrum-, and impedance analyzers as well as signal generators and analyzers will be discussed. Besides theory on microwave measurement techniques the workshop includes hands-on training with real-world equipment for both bench-top and on-wafer experimental setups with a vector network analyzer (VNA).

  • Time and frequency domain measurements
  • Network-, Spectrum- and Impedance-Analyzer
  • Signal Generator and Analyzer
  • Oscilloscopes
  • Calibration & Verification with Vector Network Analyzer
  • Design of Prototype PCB and De-embedding Structures
  • On-Wafer Measurement Techniques and Probe Stations
  • On-Wafer Calibration & De-embedding with Vector Network Analyzer

  • RF & Microwave engineers
  • MMIC & RFIC designers
  • Test engineers

Der Referent:
Dr. Lourandakis, an expert for RF and microwave measurements, has deep knowledge and hands-on experience on microwave measurement techniques and equipment. He has served for several years as lab administrator in both academia and industry. Dr. Lourandakis joined in 2009 Helic S.A., Athens, Greece, where he currently holds the position of R&D engineer. As a research engineer for an electronic design automation (EDA) company he is involved in modeling of high-frequency electromagnetic phenomena in silicon ICs, passive device modeling, and physical characterization of silicon integrated circuits. He holds a Dipl. Eng. degree in electrical and computer engineering from the University of Patras, Greece, and a Ph.D. from the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany. Dr. Lourandakis is an active member of IEEE MTT-S society and serves as a peer-reviewer for the international journal of Progress in Electromagnetics Research (PIER).

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